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Smooth muscles differs from cardiac muscle in that:
a) Smooth muscle is under involuntary control and cardiac muscle is under voluntary control
b) Smooth muscle is not striated and cardiac muscle is striated
c) Smooth muscle is found attached to bone and cardiac muscle is found in the heart
d) Smooth muscle is another name for skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle is not

Which of the following organs is NOT FOUND in the urinary system?
a) Ureters
b) Urethra
c) Bladder
d) Rectum

Skeletal muscle differs from cardiac muscle in that:
a) Skeletal muscle tires quickly and cardiac muscle does not
b) Skeletal muscle is located in the heart and cardiac muscle is attached to bone
c) Skeletal muscle is striated and cardiac muscle is not striated
d) Skeletal muscle is under involuntary control and cardiac muscle is under voluntary control

Muscles work by contracting and relaxing. Which of the following could be used to model a muscle?
a) rubber band and paper clip
b) hinge and rubber band
c) spring and rubber band
d) hinge and paper clip

The presence of glucose and protein in a person's urine could be an early symptom of diabetes and could show a malfunction in which organ system?
a) skeletal
b) muscular
c) excretory
d) nervous

Which body system in most similar to a strainer separating specific molecules from a liquid?
a) skeletal
b) muscular
c) excretory
d) circulatory

Which are the correct levels of body organization?
a) organs, cells, tissues, organ system, organism
b) cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, organism
c) cells, tissues, organ systems, organs, organism
d) tissues, cell, organism, organ, organ systems

Bones meet at:
a) joints
b) ligaments
c) a local restaurant
d) the rib cage

The bones in your spine are called:
a) cartilage
b) little bones
c) ribs
d) vertebrae

Which system of the body is responsible for the fight-or-flight response when your body is suddenly frightened?
a) nervous system
b) skeletal system
c) excretory system
d) endocrine system

How is the nervous system DIFFERENT from the endocrine system?
a) The endocrine system uses chemicals and the nervous system uses hormones
b) The nervous system has slower transmission and the endocrine system has faster transmission
c) The nervous system communicates over short distances and the endocrine system communicates over short distances
d) The nervous system response is long lived and the endocrine system response is short lived

Which of the following represents the smallest level of organization in the body?
a) cardiac muscle tissue
b) the heart
c) a muscle cell
d) the circulatory system

Which of the following is NOT an important function of the skeletal system?
a) It protects internal organs
b) It stores minerals until they are needed by the body
c) It allows the body to move
d) It regulates body temperature

A scientist studying the brain is studying part of the:
a) peripheral nervous system
b) somatic nervous system
c) autonomic nervous system
d) central nervous system

The brain stem is involved in controlling
a) the ability to learn
b) breathing
c) movement of skeletal muscles
d) balance

You can INFER that a person who has lost his or her sense of smell is also likely to have a poor
a) sense of balance
b) sense of touch
c) sense of taste
d) sense of hearing

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