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A(n) ___________ is a group of organisms that look alike and can reproduce among themselves.
a) genus
b) species
c) order
d) family

Change in the heredity features of a type of organism over time is
a) spontaneous generation.
b) biogenesis.
c) evolution.
d) growth.

__________________________ is an adaptation that enables an organism to blend into its environment.
a) adaptation
b) natural selection
c) commensalism
d) camouflage

Survival of the fittest
a) Lamarck's Explanation of Evolution
b) vestigial structures
c) natural selection
d) variation

Evolution as a result of acquired characteristics
a) gradualism
b) natural selection
c) Lamarck's Explanation of Evolution
d) vestigial structures

A trait that makes an individual different from other members of its species
a) variation
b) Lamarck's Explanation of Evolution
c) vestigial structures
d) natural selection

Rapid evolution with few intermediate forms
a) Homologous Structures
b) Punctuated Equilibrium
c) Gradualism
d) Species

A(n) ________________ is any variation that makes an organism better suited to its environment.
a) natural selection
b) commensalism
c) mutation
d) adaptation

As the food source in a bird's environment changes from insects to seeds with hard shells, which adaptation would best enable the bird species to survive?
a) Thicker Beaks
b) Longer Wings
c) Webbed Feet
d) Sharper Talons

According to Darwin's Theory of Evolution, what is the most natural way for a species to become extinct?
a) mutations
b) environmental changes
c) migration
d) selective breeding

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