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Where can volcanoes form?
a) transform boundaries
b) convergent boundaries only
c) divergent boundaries only
d) both convergent and divergent boundaries

Why do plates get subducted?
a) They are very light.
b) They are very dense.
c) They are very thick.
d) They are very thin.

Which of the following correctly shows the order of earthquake waves arriving, first to last?
a) surface, primary, secondary
b) secondary, surface, primary
c) primary, surface, secondary
d) primary, secondary, surface

Which plate sinks at continental-oceanic boundaries
a) continental
b) oceanic
c) new crust
d) less dense crust

What can form at continental-oceanic boundaries?
a) mountains
b) rift valley
c) volcano

At what zone does old crust get recycled?
a) transform zones
b) divergent zones
c) submarine zones
d) subduction zones

If we experience an earthquake and all of the books come crashing off of the shelves, what wave is responsible for this?
a) Primary Waves
b) Secondary Waves
c) Surface Waves
d) Sound Waves

The Alpine Fault cuts through New Zealand. At this location, two plates are sliding past each other slowly over time. What plate boundary must exist at Alpine Fault?
a) divergent
b) convergent
c) transform

The part of the Indo-Australian plate that holds Australia is moving away from the part of the plate that carries India. As India and Australia move in opposite directions, which type of plate boundary will be created?
a) transform
b) divergent
c) convergent

Where do earthquakes normally occur?
a) edges of continents
b) edges of plates
c) center of continents
d) center of plates

What can Secondary (S Waves) travel through?
a) rivers
b) air
c) rocks

Why do most earthquakes occur at tectonic plate boundaries?
a) There is little or no movement of rocks.
b) Large amounts of stress builds up as plates move.
c) Very little stress builds up along the plates.
d) Most faults occur in middle of plates.

An earthquake is caused by sudden shifts in which of the following layers of Earth?
a) outer core
b) inner core
c) crust

A rift valley is evidence of which kind of plate boundary?
a) convergent
b) divergent
c) transform

Explain what makes the tectonic plates on Earth move.
a) earthquakes
b) volcanoes erupting
c) mountains forming
d) convection in the mantle

What is the result when two continental plates converge?
a) tornado
b) mountains
c) earthquakes
d) river

Which seismic wave has a push and pull or back and forth motion?
a) surface waves
b) primary waves
c) secondary waves
d) no waves

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