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David Livingstone's wife died of what disease?
a) The flu
b) Dysentery
c) The cold
d) Malaria

David Livingstone traveled back one more time to search for the niles source and went out of touch for how many years?
a) 1
b) 6
c) he never lost touch
d) 15

After 5 years David Livingstone decided to go back to explore what part of Africa?
a) Central and Eastern part of Africa
b) Northern Africa
c) Southern Africa
d) Western Africa

When David Livingstone returned to Britain after his discoveries, what did he do?
a) went home to raise his family
b) He wrote a book
c) made a documentary
d) commited suicide

When David Livingstone was exploring he came across waterfalls. Who did he name them after?
a) after his dead dog
b) after one of his kids
c) after his wife
d) Queen Victoria

What was David Livingstone's mission when he was in Africa?
a) Take their land
b) Give them food
c) To convert the africans to Christianity and help them medically
d) Enslave the africans

When David Livinstone was ordained a missionary by the London missionary society they set sail to where?
a) North Africa
b) Chile
c) Equador
d) South Africa

What University did David Livingstone attend and what did he study?
a) Harverd to study law
b) Princeton to study economics
c) Anderson's University, Glasgow, to study medicine
d) Delaware University to study Chemistry

When and where was Dr. David Livingstone born?
a) 19 March - born at Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland
b) 23 december born in venice italy
c) 14 september born in paris france
d) 3 April born in london england

David Livingstone was getting really sick and eventually died of dysentery. Where was his body buried?
a) He was buried where he died
b) his body was sent back to London to be buried
c) he was buried at his house
d) He was cremated

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