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The force that stretches or pulls apart the crust
a) compression
b) shear
c) tension
d) fault

The force that squeezes or pushes together the crust.
a) compression
b) tension
c) shear
d) fault

The force that twists, tears, or pushes one part of the crust past another
a) compression
b) tension
c) fault
d) shear

Mountains made of crumpled and folded layers of rock are called this.
a) fault block mountains
b) fold mountains
c) plateaus
d) valleys

Blocks of crust moving along a fault can form these
a) fold mountains
b) valleys
c) fault block mountains
d) plateaus

A crack in Earth's crust whose sides show evidence of motion
a) fault
b) magma
c) deposition
d) meteorite

a scientist who studies rocks to tell how they formed and to predict when an earthquake may occur
a) biologist
b) botonist
c) geologist
d) astrologist

hot, molten rock, deep below Earth's surface
a) lava
b) fault
c) erosion
d) magma

magma that reaches Earth's surface
a) magma
b) lava
c) weathering
d) shear

breaking down rocks into smaller pieces
a) erosion
b) deposition
c) compression
d) weathering

the picking up and carrying away of pieces of rock
a) erosion
b) deposition
c) weathering
d) tension

the dropping off of bits of eroded rock
a) weathering
b) erosion
c) deposition
d) shear

a chunk of rock from space that strikes the surface of Earth or the Moon
a) fault
b) meteorite
c) magma
d) lava

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