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____________ of students in city schools drop out before graduation.
a) one in three
b) up to two-thirds
c) 75 percent
d) less than in rural schools

The main idea of America's Dropout Crisis is _______________.
a) School dropouts often become involved in crime.
b) It's difficult to get a high school diploma.
c) Dropping out of school has many serious consequences.
d) Graduation day is the best day of a student's life.

What is the story Living in the Success Zone is mostly about ______________.
a) two Read180 students that turned their lives around.
b) the importance of learning to read.
c) how to be successful as a college football player.
d) Lufkin High School in Texas.

The three doctors believe that teens can reach their goals by ____________.
a) going to school to be a dentist.
b) staying off the streets and away from bad influences.
c) forming close friendships.
d) making a pact with friends to help each other reach goals.

All three articles in the workshop agree that success comes from _____________.
a) friendship.
b) education.
c) reading books.
d) earning more money.

The word dedicate means __________________.
a) put forth an effort.
b) criticize.
c) start a project.
d) commit to a goal.

Individual means ___________________.
a) one person.
b) separate.
c) graduate.
d) friend.

The word pursue means ______________.
a) destroy.
b) celebrate.
c) try to achieve.
d) try to change.

A word that is a synonym for accomplish is ________________.
a) dedicate
b) achieve
c) create
d) consider

An antonym for the word capable is ____________.
a) fast
b) famous
c) unskilled
d) excellent

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