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A farmer interested in the quality of the soil in her field might use which aspect of soil as a quick indicator of the field's overall fertility?
a) color
b) texture
c) structure
d) pH

Deterioration of the soil's fertility and ability to provide ecosystem services is called
a) erosion
b) soil pollution
c) succession
d) soil degradation

your friend tells you he's decided not to use pesticides or synthetic chemicals on his farm; instead he'll rely on composting and biological pest control. She is practicing
a) industrial agriculture
b) monoculture
c) organic agriculture
d) sustainable agriculture

One of the biggest problems of pesticide use is the fact that
a) pesticides kill important pollinator insects as well as insect pests
b) pesticides reduce the amount of food you can get from a crop, sometimes up to 50%
c) pesticide manufacturers must create new pesticides every year that cost millions of dollars
d) farmers must apply pesticides every year

Eating a lot of meat is inefficient because _____ is LOST in transfer between trophic levels
a) 10 % of the energy
b) 25% of the energy
c) 50% of the energy
d) 90% of the energy

A farmer has an infestation of aphids so he introduces ladybugs, which prey on aphids. He also uses a small dose of pesticide because there are just too many for the ladybugs to eat them all. The farmer's approach to insect pests is
a) chemical control
b) biological control
c) integrated pest management
d) organic pest management

Genetic engineering relies on placing a gene from one organism that codes for a desired trait into the _____ of a different organism
a) protein
b) amino acid
c) helix
d) genome

Because of the green revolution, between 1961 and 2008, food production
a) increased significantly faster than population growth
b) kept pace with population growth
c) did not increase
d) was mostly organic

Industrial food production includes
a) aquaculture
b) monocultures
c) feedlots
d) all of these answers are correct

One proven risk of genetically modified crops is
a) the escape of GM genes into non-GM crops
b) the risk of cancer associated with eating GM foods
c) increased resistance of insects to pesticides because of the pesticide resistance of GM crops
d) the loss of consumer support

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