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Clearing a forest and replacing it with another type of land use such as agriculture or housing is called
a) forestry
b) clear-cutting
c) timber harvesting
d) deforestation

Which of the following is an economic value of forests?
a) they provide wood
b) they prevent soil erosion
c) they regulate the water cycle
d) they decrease flooding

Prescribed burnes are fires that
a) are caused by lightening
b) are set by humans
c) never get out of control
d) increase the risk of injury

Which type of forest most likely contains the greatest variety of habitats and should be conserved due to its high level of biodiversity?
a) old-growth forests
b) even-aged stands
c) plantations
d) monocultures

The old policy of requiring all forest fires to be put out at any cost, or fire suppression, can result in
a) an increase in animal habitats
b) a buildup of material that fuels future fires
c) decrease in property damage
d) an increase in the jack pine population

If a wood product is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, it was produced
a) using sustainable methods
b) from trees grown on a plantation
c) from recycled materials
d) because consumers demanded it

Soil, fresh water, wild animals, and timber are examples of
a) inexhaustible resources
b) nonrenewable resources
c) renewable resources
d) forest resources

Which logging method results in an uneven stand of trees that most resemble the natural habitat?
a) clear-cutting
b) selection system cutting
c) the seed-tree approach
d) the shelterwood approach

Deforestation has the greatest impact on biodiversity
a) on private lands
b) in tropical areas and arid regions
c) in densely populated areas
d) on public land

The policy of multiple use for public lands that are managed by the Forest Service requires that national forests be available for
a) timber
b) wildlife habitat
c) recreation
d) all of these answers are correct

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