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What is one of the primary factors that draw people from rural areas to urban areas
a) less pollution
b) more jobs
c) more open space
d) heat islands

The shift of a population from the countryside to cities is called
a) urbanization
b) infrastructure
c) land preservation
d) an ecological footprint

Transportation systems, communication systems, water services, power supplies, schools, and hospitals are all examples of
a) land use
b) rural areas
c) ecological footprints
d) infrastructure

Urban sprawl increases carbon dioxide emissions by
a) generating more factories
b) increasing the need to drive
c) resulting in more tree growth
d) expanding the use of public transportation

Which of the following is a principle of smart growth?
a) protecting wildlife habitats
b) focusing development outside of existing cities
c) creating neighborhoods that require cars to get around
d) building up, not spreading out

Urban sprawl affects which of the following?
a) public health
b) economicsa
c) pollution
d) all of these answers are correct

The approach to development LEAST likely to result in sprawl is
a) leapfrog development
b) strip mall development
c) high-density multi-use development
d) low-density single-use development

Which statement about sustainable cities is true?
a) they can help improve the standard of living for residents
b) no major cities have made significant progress toward sustainability yet
c) They are only successful in the developed world
d) they often help encourage sprawl

Which of the following factors contributed to sprawl in the United States?
a) more affordable automobiles
b) white flight
c) cheap mortgages on new construction
d) all of these answers are correct

Saving energy and other resources without sacrificing people's comfort is the goal of
a) greenways
b) urban growth boundaries
c) green building design
d) zoning

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