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1. Which words in the second stanza of the poem help the reader understand the meaning of the word yonder?
a) I see
b) silvery star
c) tinkling song
d) way out

In line 11 of the poem, the pronoun “it” refers to –
a) the little pigeon
b) the mother bird
c) the silvery star
d) the moonbeam

Lines 6-12 of the poem express a feeling of –
a) tranquility
b) anguish
c) confusion
d) playfulness

A central idea in the poem is –
a) the sense of hope that nature can bring
b) the love of a mother for her child
c) the unpredictable nature of life
d) the long-lasting pain of betrayal

How does the first stanza of the poem contrast with the last stanza?
a) It shifts from the present tense to the future tense.
b) It shifts from a sorrowful little pigeon to a hopeful one.
c) It shifts from third-person to first-person perspective.
d) It shifts from the baby sleeping to the mom swinging.

The poet uses rhyme in order to –
a) contribute to the musical quality of the poem
b) convey a sense of urgency
c) create clear shifts from stanza to stanza
d) draw attention to central images

The poet uses images from nature to convey –
a) the idea that love is fleeting
b) her dislike of the conveniences of modern life
c) a connection between the speaker and the natural world
d) the difficulty of uniting the natural world and the human realm

The purpose of the fourth stanza of the poem is to –
a) emphasize the importance of the mother’s song
b) contrast sharply with the tone established in stanzas 1-3
c) emphasize the significance of the ocean
d) contrast the view from inside the house to the outside

What is the speaker doing in the poem?
a) watching a pigeon outside of her window
b) crying as she remembers her mother
c) singing her baby to sleep
d) calling out to her mother

The second and third stanza of the poem are mainly about –
a) the star shimmering in the darkness
b) the speaker gazing at a star and moonbeam
c) the speaker singing to her baby
d) the moonbeam brightening the silent room

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