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Natural processes change the surface of Earth. Some changes occur rapidly and some occur slowly. Which of the following would cause the slowest change on Earth's surface?
a) wind
b) landslide
c) earthquakes
d) volcanoes

Carlos visits his grandmother's farm every summer. He likes to go down to the river and fish. Carlos has noticed a change in the river over the past few years. It seems to have gotten wider. What could have caused this river to beco
a) earthquakes
b) water pollution
c) volcanic activity
d) Erosion

The dropping of rock that was carried by ice, wind, or water is called-
a) erosion
b) weathering
c) deposition
d) pollution

Why are the rocks and pebbles found on riverbeds usually smooth?
a) The rocks and pebbles in riverbeds are not very old.
b) The rocks and pebbles rub against each other as water flows over them
c) Rivers can only flow over smooth rocks and pebbles
d) Organisms in the rivers break down the rocks and pebbles.

Which is most likely to make a rock break open?
a) Water evaporating on the rock
b) Soil hardening on the rock
c) Snow melting in a crack in the rock
d) Water freezing in a crack in the rock

Directly after a rain, while driving past Lake Arlington, you notice the water looks very muddy and cloudy. Which process caused this?
a) Weathering
b) hydroelectricity
c) erosion
d) deposition

Where is erosion by wind likely to be the greatest?
a) where annual rainfall is high
b) where hillsides are covered with grass
c) where grass-like crops are being grown
d) where annual rainfall is low

What does moving water leave behind?
a) gasses
b) ice
c) glacier
d) sediment

A student observes deep gullies or trenches on hills where the trees have been removed. Nearby hills where no trees have been removed do not have gullies. The best conclusion is that-
a) all hills have erosion
b) the removal of trees increases erosion
c) the removal of trees decreases erosion
d) rain contributes to erosion

Weathering is a process that can change landforms over a long period of time. Which of the following best models the process of weathering?
a) Sediment moves in a stream table from flowing water.
b) A piece of wood floats from one side of a beach to the other
c) Rubbing a piece of chalk over sand paper
d) A liquid is spilled on a table and then falls to the floor.

Deposition changes the earth's surface because eroded materials-
a) stop the rivers flow
b) make rich farmlands
c) move very slowly
d) are dropped in new places

Which of the following best describes the immediate effects on the surrounding land after a volcano erupts?
a) The soil becomes rich with nutrients and plants grow better.
b) Hot magma dries up all the lakes and rivers.
c) Plants and trees get burned and animals move to a new habitat.
d) A high mountain forms and gets covered with snow.

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