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What does CPU stand for?
a) Computer Processing Unit
b) Central Processing Unit
c) Central Printer Unit
d) Central Processing Utility

In technology terminology, what is a "bug"?
a) Glitch or problem in computer hardware or software
b) Name of cursore on the monitor screen
c) Software program
d) Synonym for computer virus

Which of the following is the best definition of WAP?
a) A company that provides wireless telecommunications services
b) A global standard for developing applications over wireless communication networks
c) Transmission of voice or other sound by means of electrical signals sent over wires or radio waves
d) Wire connections between the computer, printer, and scanner

What does megapixel refer to?
a) Resolution of a graphics
b) Word processing software
c) Changing plain text to text with images
d) Giant images surround small images on a website

What does Clipboard mean?
a) Software which helps to keep notes organized
b) Space where recently cut or copied data is saved temporarily
c) Palette of colors used in Adobe Photoshop
d) Software designed specifically for educators

What does it mean to download?
a) Sending a file via email to another location
b) Connecting your computer to the Internet
c) Saving a file to your computer that comes from a remote location
d) Deleting unused icons on your desktop

What is a Web browser?
a) Antiquated online chat room
b) Program that allows for searching on the World Wide Web
c) A person who likes to search on the Internet
d) A computer that stores World Wide Web files

What is Bluetooth technology?
a) Software that helps musicians write music electronically
b) Program that searches for lowest prices for products on the Internet
c) Method of connecting products together without wires
d) Software that compresses images to a smaller size for ease in sharing over the Internet

To default is to....
a) automatically shut down the system when computer is sleeping
b) automatically use a set of given specifications
c) use software instead of hardware
d) reverts back to the last known open application

A "tag" is a...
a) web page code inserted into a document or file
b) secondary name for a file
c) virus protection software
d) name for a desktop shortcut

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