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Which best describes the geography of Australia?
a) lake district across the southwest
b) mountainous with scattered lowlands
c) large tropical zone in the central region of the country
d) large semi-arid, dry region with temperate climates in the southeastern coastal areas

Which statement describes a monolith?
a) giant salt lake
b) massive sand-filled pit
c) inactive volcanic crater
d) visible tip of a massive underground rock

What is the main reason few people live in the Great Victoria Desert?
a) It is too hot and dry.
b) There are winter floods.
c) Australians prefer city life.
d) The area has not been explored.

Where is the Great Barrier Reef?
a) Coral Sea
b) Shark Bay
c) Arafura Sea
d) Tasman Sea

What climate conditions are found in central Australia?
a) hot and dry
b) mild temperatures
c) rainy with high humidity
d) cold with likely snowfall

Which BEST describes where people live in Australia?
a) Most live in larger cities around coastal areas.
b) Most live in rural areas on farms.
c) Most live in the interior of the country.
d) Most live on islands surrounding the mainland.

What important business is done in the outback?
a) fishing
b) mining
c) farming
d) shipping

Why is southeastern Australia a popular place for Australians to live?
a) It is near Ayers Rock.
b) Australians enjoy living near the ocean.
c) The government tells people to move to this area.
d) The climate in this region is not too hot or too cold.

Why is Australia called the Land Down Under?
a) It is in the western hemisphere.
b) It is in the northern hemisphere.
c) It is above the equator
d) It is below the equator.

Ayers Rock is located in what part of the continent of Australia?
a) Northeast
b) Central
c) Southeast
d) Northwest

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