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Soldier statues were made out of this substance.
a) Wood pulp
b) Terracotta
c) Papyrus
d) Marble

These make silk
a) Spiders
b) People
c) Worms
d) Crickets

What is the tallest mountain in the world?
a) Mount McKinley
b) Mount Everest
c) Gobi Mountain
d) Mount Tallendo

What was built by Shi Huangdi to help improve trade?
a) Roads
b) Great Wall of China
c) Wagons
d) Silk

Confucius was China's first professional ___.
a) Philosopher
b) Holy Man
c) Leader
d) Teacher

Who began the Qin Dynasty?
a) Liu Bang
b) Qin
c) Shi Huangdi
d) Wudi

Who began the Han Dynasty?
a) Liu Bang
b) Shi Huangdi
c) Wudi
d) Qin

What substance was used to make paper for the people in Ancient China?
a) Papyrus
b) Applesauce
c) Wood pulp
d) Animal Hide

China's first history book was called ___.
a) History of Our World
b) History of Middle Earth
c) Historical China
d) Historical Records

Confucius taught ____ of the past.
a) Things
b) Philosopies
c) Religions
d) Ideas

Which desert is in Northern China?
a) Sahara
b) Gobi
c) Mojave
d) Beijing

Confucianism is a ___.
a) Religion
b) Philosophy
c) Form of Government
d) Teaching

When Shi Huangdi came to power he made everyone have the same ___.
a) Shoe size
b) Height
c) Currency
d) Doctor

What was the trade route between China and Europe called?
a) Linen Lane
b) Herb Highway
c) Silk Street
d) Silk Road

What ancient treatment used needles to help the sick and those in pain?
a) Acupuncture
b) Brain Surgery
c) Massage
d) Needle Therapy

Who wrote down Confucius's teachings?
a) Confucius
b) Buddha
c) Other teachers
d) His students

What is the tallest mountain range in the world?
a) Andes
b) Alps
c) Himalayas
d) Rockies

According to Confucius, people should be treated __.
a) cruelly
b) harshly
c) with respect
d) as you would treat yourself

Which group came to power after the Han Dynasty?
a) Qin Dynasty
b) Ming Dynasty
c) Egyptians
d) Warlords

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