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After a forest fire, the ecosystem will slowly begin to renew itself. This is an example of
a) primary succession
b) secondary succession
c) third-level succession
d) a climax community

What is the term for organisms, including plants and algae, that create their own food?
a) consumers
b) decomposers
c) producers
d) legumes

When energy is transferred between trophic levels, the amount of available energy that moves up to the next level is
a) 90%
b) 50%
c) 25%
d) 10%

When the environment changes too quickly for an organism to adapt, what will occur?
a) speciation
b) genetic drift
c) extinction
d) evolution

Which best describe evolutionary success?
a) an organism has adaptive traits and is able to pass those traits on to many offspring that also reproduce
b) an organism has traits different from the rest of its population that allows it to compete more successfully
c) an organism has more offspring than others in the population
d) an organism has adaptive traits and produces more offspring than survive

A beehive depends on pollen from flowers to survive. Flowers depend on bees to pollinate them. This relationship is
a) parasitic
b) commensalist
c) mutualistic
d) symbiotic

In a food web that has grass, mice, deer, coyotes, and hawks, which species is likely to have the largest population?
a) grass
b) mice
c) coyotes
d) hawks

A population of wolves is reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park. In the beginning, the wolf population grows exponentially. Then the population growth slows. The new pattern is known as
a) limiting factors
b) logistical growth
c) carrying capacity
d) exponential growth

A populations growth rate is determined by births, deaths,
a) immigration and emigration
b) immigration and migration
c) migration and biotic potential
d) biotic potential and emigration

An example of a density dependent limiting factor for population growth is
a) an avalanche
b) the amount of available food
c) a sudden flood
d) an earthquake

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