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Water becomes a solid when it is cooled to
a) 0 degrees C
b) 10 degrees C
c) 32 degrees C
d) 100 degrees C

When water changes state from a gas to a liquid, it goes through
a) boiling
b) condensation
c) evaporation
d) melting

During which month is the Southern Hemisphere having summer?
a) April
b) June
c) September
d) December

What causes Earth's seasons?
a) Earth's rotation
b) the tilt of the Earth's axis
c) the revolution of the Moon
d) Earth's distance from the Sun

Which does a radio telescope do?
a) collects light
b) collects radio waves
c) magnifies distant objects
d) makes distant objects appear bright

The outer planets are cold and dark because they are
a) close to the Sun.
b) far from the Sun.
c) close to each other.
d) far from each other.

Which is an outer planet in the solar system?
a) Earth
b) Jupiter
c) Mars
d) Venus

What is the correct order of planets in the solar system from SMALLEST to LARGEST?
a) Venus, Mars, Uranus
b) Earth, Jupiter, Saturn
c) Mercury, Earth, Saturn
d) Mercury, Jupiter, Mars

The conditions of the atmosphere at a certain place and time is called
a) air
b) climate
c) season
d) weather

Why do the positions of some constellations appear to change as the seasons change?
a) Earth rotates on its axis.
b) Constellations orbit the Sun.
c) Earth revolves around the Sun.
d) The stars' distance from Earth changes.

When the Northern Hemisphere is tilted away from the Sun, what season would it be?
a) summer
b) spring
c) winter
d) fall

How many seasons do places in North America have in one year?
a) two
b) three
c) four
d) five

When you look up at a clear night sky, most of the objects you see are
a) planets
b) moons
c) comets
d) stars

Which material allows you to see your image most clearly?
a) construction paper
b) a shiny metal door
c) a wooden table
d) your spelling book

Which forms patterns in the night sky that are shaped like animals, persons, or objects?
a) planets
b) dust and ice
c) stars
d) moons

Which simple machine is the BEST choice for pushing a fallen boulder off a roadway?
a) inclined plane
b) lever
c) screw
d) wheel and axle

Light bouncing off an object is called
a) reflection
b) refraction
c) magnification
d) separation

Piano strings of different thicknesses and lengths produce different
a) amplitudes
b) decibels
c) pitches
d) volumes

You can make a sharp shadow blurry by increasing
a) the size of the object
b) the shape of the object
c) the distance from the object to its shadow
d) the distance from the object to the light source

Kayla holds an object that is transparent. It can separate white light into colors. Kayla has a
a) lens
b) magnifying glass
c) mirror
d) prism

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