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All bacteria are classified as
a) Prokaryotes.
b) Eukaryotes.
c) Archaea.
d) Protista.

Bacteria cause diseases by
a) reducing wrinkles.
b) destroying tissues.
c) producing toxins.
d) both (B) and (C).

Bacteria that use sunlight as an energy source are considered
a) photoautotrophs
b) chemoautotrophs
c) heterotrophs
d) saprobes

Environmental spills of petroleum are sometimes cleaned up by using
a) viruses.
b) protists.
c) bacteriophages.
d) bacteria.

Which of the following comparisons is incorrect?
a) Prokaryotes: smaller, Eukaryotes: larger
b) Prokaryotes: most require oxygen, Eukaryotes: most do not require oxygen
c) Prokaryotes: no cell nucleus, Eukaryotes: cell nucleus
d) Prokaryotes: circular DNA, Eukaryotes: linear DNA

Which of these is an example of how bacteria are beneficial?
a) reproduce sexually through conjugation
b) can survive in hot, acidic environments
c) break down cellulose in some animals' digestive systems
d) produce billions of offspring per day

Which of the following is considered a sexual process for exchanging genetic information but is not considered reproduction?
a) conjugation
b) binary fission
c) transcription
d) translation

Prokaryotes are different from all other organisms in that their cells
a) lack DNA.
b) lack nuclei.
c) have cell walls.
d) have organelles.

Bacteria that use chemicals, like sulfur, as an energy source are considered
a) saprobes.
b) heterotrophs.
c) chemoautotrophs.
d) photoautotrophs.

One way bacteria are important to the Earth and its ecosystems is that
a) bacteria concentrate valuable minerals.
b) bacteria decompose dead organisms.
c) bacteria produce acetone.
d) bacteria use oxygen.

Archaea are different from bacteria in that Archaea
a) have structures that are more similar to bacterial structures.
b) have molecules that are different from eukaryotic molecules.
c) have structures and molecules that are more similar to eukaryotes than bacteria.
d) developed before bacteria.

Bacteria can thrive in many environments including hostile environments like hot springs, polar ice caps and salt flats. This is due to the __________ of bacteria.
a) means of movement
b) small sizes
c) biochemical diversity
d) varied shapes

Some bacteria, like those that cause Cholera, have a flagellum that allows them to
a) move.
b) reproduce.
c) excrete water.
d) produce sugar.

What are bacterial chromosomes made up of?
a) DNA or RNA in various forms
b) linear pieces of DNA
c) single circular piece of DNA
d) DNA paired in chromosomes

Bacteria live in a variety of locations one of which is the human mouth. Which explanation supports the wide variety of bacteria in the mouth?
a) Accessibility to nutrients makes the mouth a favorable habitat.
b) Calcium in the teeth provides appropriate pH levels in the mouth.
c) Accessibility to air cause bacteria to change form.
d) Salivary glands cause mutations in populations of bacteria.

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