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An example of an Autotroph is
a) Mushroom
b) Snail
c) Broccoli

The three components to a population are
a) Size, Destiny, Carrying Capacity
b) Size, Density, Desperation
c) Size, Density, Dispersion

A husband and a child is an example of Mutualism
a) True
b) False

Don gets in an altercation (fight) with Steven over Jessica, this is an example of indirect competition.
a) True
b) False

Human and trees are in what type of symbiotic relationship
a) Predation
b) Commensalism
c) Competition
d) Mutualism

List all 6 steps of the scientific method in chronological order
a) Research, Hypothesis, Conclusion, Experiment, Results, Question
b) Question, Problem, Research, Hypothesis, Experiment, Results
c) Question, Research, Hypothesis, Experiment, Results, Conclusion

If you are viewing a specimen through an objective lense of 150, what is your total magnification?
a) 1500x
b) 15x
c) 15000x

If a population had 75% of its citizens between the ages of 11-45 years old, then that population would experience a
a) Negative growth rate
b) Positive growth rate
c) Zero Growth rate

C6H12O6 is...
a) calcium
b) carbon dioxide
c) carbohydrates
d) corn

Patricia ate so much cake that she now weighs 4532.654 Kilograms, how much does she weight in Decigrams?
a) .45326540dg
b) 45.326540dg
c) 45326540dg

Which species (out of the three) would have the best reproductive potential
a) Gorilla
b) Hampster
c) Frog

Name all four types of water pollution
a) Thermal, Artificial, Ocean, Runoff
b) Thermal, Eutrophication, Ocean, Heat
c) Thermal, heat, runoff, groundwater
d) Thermal, Ocean, Artificial Eutrophication, Groundwater

Define organism
a) Anything that can reproduce with a mate
b) Anything that consumes a producer
c) Any liviing thing

Angiosperms and animals depend on each other. Using a flower and bees as examples, how do these organisms depend on each other
a) Bee need flowers for protection; flower need bees for reproduction
b) Bees need flowers for nectar; flowers need bees for polination
c) Bees need flowers for honey; flowers need bees for nutrients

A set of tests that proves your Hypothesis true or false.
a) Conclusion
b) Research
c) Experiment
d) Results

This is a process by which organisms use carbohydrates to obtain energy.
a) Photosynthesis
b) Cellular Reproduction
c) Carrying Capacity
d) Cellular Respiration

When add gravel, sand, and rocks to the water to remove impurities.
a) Aeration
b) 1st filtration
c) chlorination
d) 2nd filtration

Ants and acacia trees have a mutualistic relationship because
a) They benefit each other
b) They are part of the same ecosystem
c) They are both adapted to a humid climate

A rapist who stalks his potential victim get caught by the police. This is an example of Parasitism
a) True
b) False

Chickens are..
a) Producers
b) Primary Consumers
c) Secondary Consumers
d) Tertiary Consumers

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