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Which statement about scientific thought is correct?
a) changes show that people cannot rely on science
b) changes never occur
c) changes show science has the ability to self-correct and improve
d) changes are usually fast and drastic

In trying to see the damage caused by acid rain on concrete, a researcher subjects one slab to 30 days of acidic rain and another slab to 30 days of normal rain. The slab that receives the normal rain is considered
a) the control subject
b) the experimental subject
c) the independent variable
d) the dependent variable

An idea that explains a phenomenon (like evolution) and has undergone significant testing to prove it makes accurate predictions in a wide range of situations can be accepted as a scientific
a) prediction
b) theory
c) ethic
d) hypothesis

A set of moral principles or values held by a person or a society is called
a) justice
b) ethics
c) culture
d) models

A scientist is conducting an experiment to see if adding fertilizer to plants increases growth. She adds fertilizer to one field and adds nothing to another field. After a month he measures plant growth in each field. The plant growth represents
a) a model
b) a dependent variable
c) an independant variable
d) a prediction

Which step is usually at the beginning of a scientific investigation?
a) gathering data
b) calculating results from testing
c) making observations
d) deciding how to correct a problem

Which statement about science is true?
a) it assumes the natural world works according to predictable rules
b) it explains the mysteries of the supernatural world
c) it only deals with things created by humans
d) all of these answers are correct

What is environmentalism?
a) studying interactions between humans and nature
b) developing solutions to environmental problems
c) a social movement dedicated to protecting the natural world

What is an example of a renewable resource?
a) trees
b) petroleum
c) copper
d) coal

What is environmental science?
a) the study of how the natural world works
b) the study of how the environment affects humans
c) the study of how humans affect the environment
d) all of these answers are correct

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