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On which river is our nation’s capital located?
a) Mississippi River
b) Potomac River
c) Washington River
d) Ohio River

Which of the following is NOT identified as “being on time” in both history and English this year?
a) Talking till the bell rings.
b) Being seated by the final bell
c) Checking the assignment calendar.
d) Placing your backpack under your table.

Where was George Washington inaugurated?
a) Philadelphia
b) Washington
c) New York
d) Mount Vernon

Which of the following men served as George Washington’s Vice-President?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Alexander Hamilton
c) John Adams
d) John Jay

What financial issues faced the new nation?
a) The new government could print/coin money.
b) The new nation had war debts.
c) The new Bank of the United States had no money.
d) The government could not levy taxes.

Alexander Hamilton believed
a) in supporting the French Revolution.
b) in supporting a strong central government.
c) in supporting agriculture and manufacturing.
d) that the heart of the government was the American farmer.

What was the Residence Act of 1790?
a) The establishment of a new capital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
b) The establishment of New York City as the new capital for George Washington.
c) The establishment of a permanent, new capital along the Potomac River.
d) The establishment of George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon.

Why did some oppose the establishment of a National Bank?
a) Madison argued that the bank was too far away form most people it use on a daily basis.
b) Jefferson argued that the bank would create an unhealthy relationship between lawmakers and the wealthy.
c) Washington believed that a bank would be too supportive of farmers.
d) Some founding fathers argued that the bank would not have enough money to serve all the people.

What was the root of the problem between Natives and settlers in the Trans-Appalachian West?
a) Water usage
b) Fur trading
c) Britain would not leave the area
d) Land use/ownership

In the Treaty of Greenville,
a) British abandoned their forts along the Mississippi River.
b) Natives agreed to cede their land in the Northwest Territory to the United States.
c) Natives and Britain agreed to share usage of the Great Lakes.
d) Spain agreed to open the Mississippi for travel.

What was the significance of the outcome of the Whiskey Rebellion?
a) It showed that the new federal government had the power to enforce laws.
b) It showed that George Washington was a strong leader.
c) It showed that the new government did not care about local farmers.
d) It showed that the government would not support manufacturing.

Which of the following is not a cause of the French Revolution?
a) There was a financial crisis.
b) The people of France were starving while their Monarchs lived in luxury.
c) The influence of Enlightenment ideals such as liberty and equality.
d) Britain declared war on France.

Why was the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution?
a) To persuade Federalists to ratify the Constitution.
b) As a guaranteed protection of the rights of the people and the states.
c) So that the southern states would agree to ratify to Constitution.
d) Because James Madison wrote them.

Who was the Secretary of the Treasury under George Washington?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Alexander Hamilton
c) James Madison
d) Sam Osgood

Who was the Secretary of State under George Washington?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Alexander Hamilton
c) John Jay
d) Sam Osgood

Why did George Washington issue the proclamation of neutrality?
a) To keep America out of the war between Britain and Spain.
b) To stop the growth of political parties.
c) To keep America out of the war between France and Britain.
d) To support American manufacturing.

What is significant about George Washington’s second inaugural address?
a) It goes down in history as the longest inaugural address ever given.
b) It goes down in history as the shortest inaugural address ever given.
c) It contains his ideas on neutrality.
d) It was the first inaugural address to be delivered to the people.

Which of the following was not accomplished with Jay’s Treaty?
a) Opening British Caribbean trade.
b) British agreed to leave the Ohio River Valley.
c) British agreed to pay for damaged U.S. vessels.
d) British were allowed to continue the fur trade on the American side of the U.S./Canadian border.

Which of the following was not a provision of Pinckney’s Treaty?
a) Opened the Mississippi to American travel.
b) Set the 31 st parallel as the southern boundary between the U.S. and Spanish Florida.
c) Closed Spanish Caribbean to American trade.
d) Allowed Americans right of deposit at New Orleans.

Which of the following was not part of President Washington’s farewell address?
a) Keep away from entanglements with foreign countries.
b) Support a strong federal government.
c) Supporting political parties could weaken the nation.
d) Avoid political differences.

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