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Which of the following trade goods was NOT carried along the Silk Road?
a) ivory
b) gold
c) precious stones
d) cotton

Why did Emperor Alexius Comnenus ask Pope Urban II for help?
a) He wanted to change the name of Judea to Palestine.
b) He needed Christian knights to help fight against the Turks.
c) He hoped to invade England and defeat William the Conqueror.
d) He wanted to defeat the Byzantine Empire.

Which event marked the decline of Byzantine control over Asia Minor?
a) William the Conqueror converted to Christianity.
b) The Jews were forced by the Romans to leave Judea.
c) Christians in western Europe organized the first of the Crusades.
d) A group of Muslim Seljuk Turks defeated a Byzantine army.

Which of the following was NOT a purpose of guilds?
a) guarantee a fair price for goods
b) buy large quantities of goods cheaply
c) control the marketplace of each town
d) identify new markets for surplus goods grown on manors

What effect did the manor system have on cities and towns?
a) Because there were crop surpluses in the towns, the towns grew.
b) Many lords moved from manor houses into the cities.
c) Manor houses were built close to towns, causing overcrowding.
d) People living in cities and towns received surplus crops for free.

In the system of feudalism, who farmed the land?
a) knights
b) lords
c) serfs
d) monarchs

How did feudalism affect the lives of the nobility?
a) The system elevated the serfs to a level equal to lords and knights.
b) Monarchs were not allowed to build their own manor houses.
c) The monarchs established guilds to help serfs work the land.
d) Lords and knights were loyal to the monarch and provided protection.

Which of these events happened first?
a) The Magna Carta was signed by King John of England.
b) Vikings invaded Europe and set up trade routes.
c) Charlemagne was crowned emperor.
d) The Normans, led by William the Conqueror, invaded England.

What was the name for fierce pirates and warriors from Scandinavia?
a) Normans
b) Vikings
c) Christians
d) Franks

Which of the following is true about the Magna Carta?
a) It gave the king more money and power.
b) It contained 63 clauses and limited the power of the king.
c) It was signed before the civil war in England.
d) It demanded that lords provide military service to the king.

Which of the following describes Charlemagne?
a) leader of the Normans in northern France
b) ruler who conquered and looted England and France
c) king who agreed to the articles of the Magna Carta
d) ruler who was crowned emperor by Pope Leo III

What is the climate like across most of Europe?
a) hot and dry
b) Mediterranean
c) snowy and cold
d) temperate

Which is Europe’s longest river?
a) Volga River
b) Don River
c) Danube River
d) Rhine River

How did Europe’s landforms influence people’s lives in the Middle Ages?
a) The Gulf Stream limited opportunities for the economy.
b) Deforestation led to planting crops on fertile farmlands.
c) People cut timber from the lower elevations of mountains such as the Alps.
d) Rivers were not navigable and prohibited trade.

In which two regions would you find most of Europe’s farms?
a) Central Uplands and Alpine Mountain System
b) Northwest Mountains and North European Plain
c) Northwest Mountains and Central Uplands
d) North European Plain and Alpine Mountain System

Which landform separates Europe from Asia?
a) Northwest Mountains
b) Ural Mountains
c) Carpathian Mountains
d) Black Forest

What is a bubonic plague?
a) a very aggressive epidemic
b) a disease carried by silkworms
c) an epidemic passed from trader to trader on trade routes
d) an illness that does not last long

Which is NOT a location historians believe to be a birthplace of the Plague?
a) China
b) Italy
c) Central Asia
d) India

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