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In the expression, 12x - 7 + x - 2, the terms are __________.
a) 12, -7, 1, -2
b) 12x, 7, x, 2
c) 12x, -7, x, and -2
d) 12 and 1

7b and 18b are examples of __________
a) constants
b) variables
c) coefficients
d) Like terms

In the expression 3x + 8 + 4x + 2x, which number is NOT a coefficient?
a) 3
b) 8
c) 4
d) 2

When adding or subtracting expressions, you combine ________.
a) Like terms
b) Factors
c) Numbers
d) variables

The statement a(b + c) = ab + ac is an example of the ______.
a) Associative Property
b) Distributive Property
c) Commutative Property
d) Additive Identity

The number in front of a variable is the _______.
a) constant
b) coefficient
c) variable
d) a number

The expression 3x + 8 + 4x + 2x has four
a) coefficients
b) terms
c) like terms
d) constants

A term without a variable is a
a) coefficient
b) constant
c) term
d) like term

Expressions that have the same value are called
a) equivalent expressions
b) linear expressions
c) algebraic expressions
d) numerical expressions

In the expression, 12x - 7 + x - 2, the coefficents are ______.
a) 12 and 1
b) 12, 7, and -2
c) -7 and -2
d) 12x and x

In the expression, 12x + 7 + x - 2, the constants are ______.
a) 12 and 1
b) 12, 7, and -2
c) 7 and -2
d) 12x and x

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