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Where is the iris the located at in the eye?
a) back
b) front
c) side
d) all the above

What are the different parts of the tounge?
a) bitter, salty, sour, and sweet
b) bitter
c) nasty
d) love, peace, nose, sour

How many senses do we have?
a) six
b) four
c) five
d) ten

What two senses does the nose work with?
a) taste, and smell
b) smell and touch
c) touch and sight
d) sight and smell

What are the five senses?
a) run, play, touch, smell, LaDarrick
b) Sweet, sour, love, E'Lisia
c) sight, touch, smell, hear, taste
d) all of the above

What do you touch with?
a) your eyes
b) your smell
c) your taste
d) your brain and fingers

What do you smell?
a) your mouth
b) your brain and nose
c) your feet
d) your fingers

What do you see with?
a) your ears
b) your eyes and brain
c) your mouth
d) your nose

What do you use to taste with?
a) your brain and tounge
b) your nose
c) your eyes
d) your fingers

What do you use to hear with?
a) eyes
b) nose
c) mouth
d) ears and brain

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