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Europe And Russia.

Which of the following is not an eco region of Russia?
a) beach
b) arid
c) mountain
d) taiga

Who was the leader of the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution?
a) Scooter the Husky
b) Kole DeWoody
c) Vladimir Lenin
d) Nicholas the II

What has led to trade as an essential economic activity in Europe?
a) lots of sand
b) great wall of China
c) nearness to water
d) snow

What type of government did the Soviet Union have?
a) communist
b) democracy
c) monarchy
d) oligarchy

What type of economy does Russia have today?
a) feudalism
b) communism
c) monarchy
d) democracy

What was the policy that Stalin implemented that changed private farms to state farms?
a) agriculturization
b) farming
c) collectivization
d) fosterism

What is the best example of cooperation among the various cultures of Europe?
a) Hitler's Nazi Army
b) Allied forces of WWII
c) All of Europe voting Ms. Foster president of the EU
d) Tearing down of the Berlin Wall

Feudalism, monarchy, communism, and dictatorships are what type of government?
a) Unlimited
b) limited

What would a nation need if they were trying to control oil reserves in Europe?
a) strong naval power
b) powerful tanks
c) lots of huskies
d) grease lightning

Would it be better to live in the Soviet Union or Russia?
a) Soviet Union
b) Russia

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