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columns are designated by ___________
a) letters
b) numbers
c) pictures
d) emoji's

when you click on a cell, there will be 1 of 3 editing modes displayed in the status bar. they are READY, ENTER, and __________
a) edit
b) format
c) yolo
d) stretch

as you enter data in a cell, it simultaneously appears in the ___________________, which is located above the worksheet
a) formula bar
b) name box
c) status bar
d) header

which of the following can be found on both the print preview screen and the page layout tab?
a) page setup
b) font color
c) number formats
d) formulas

according to excel, what is the answer to 9*(5+3)-8
a) 64
b) 40
c) 0
d) 1200

an Excel file with one or more worksheets
a) workbook
b) worksheet
c) file
d) sheet tab

a list of sequential numbers or text
a) series
b) fill handle
c) flash fill
d) value table

to select a group of cells, click on the outer edge of a cell and drag over
a) false
b) true
c) maybe
d) i don't know

In Excel, numbers are ___________ while text is considered to be ____________
a) values,labels
b) labels, values
c) normal, page layout
d) number formats, text formats

a cell address that can change in a copied formula
a) relative cell reference
b) absolute cell reference
c) function
d) name box

if you want the same rows and columns to repeat on every page of your worksheet, you would use this excel option
a) print titles
b) insert text
c) orientation
d) change margin

to insert a new column, you would right click anywhere in the column and click insert
a) false
b) true

an instruction Excel uses to calculate a result: a mathematical equation.
a) formula
b) sheet
c) workbook
d) label

a black box on the lower-right corner of the selected cell or range that you can use to fill (copy) a series or formula
a) fill handle
b) dialog box launcher
c) column
d) row

this option allows you to keep the width of the cell the same but fit more text into the cell. It moves the text to a different line in the SAME cell.
a) wrap text
b) merge and center
c) scale to fit
d) print preview

contains the cell pointer. There is a dark outline around this
a) active cell
b) format painter icon
c) page layout dialog box
d) formula bar

spellcheck can be run in Excel and is found in the view tab
a) false
b) true
c) yo mamma
d) angie daddy

which number format adds a dollar sign $ to the number in the active cell?
a) accounting
b) scientific
c) general
d) number

themes can be changed in which tab?
a) page layout
b) formulas
c) insert
d) review

the width of a column and height of a row can be changed using the home tab
a) true
b) false
c) peanut butter and jelly
d) hammerhead shark

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