Astronomy Chapter One Test Question Preview (ID: 23110)

Chapter One Test.

How large is the moon compared to Earth?
a) 1/4 the diameter
b) 1/8 the diameter
c) 1/2 the diameter
d) 1/3 the diameter

During what phase of the moon can a lunar eclipse occur?
a) Full Moon
b) New Moon
c) First Quarter
d) Last Quarter

What occurs when the moon is directly between Earth and the sun?
a) Lunar Eclipse
b) Equinox
c) Solar Eclipse
d) Solstice

What part of the moon do you never see?
a) The front side.
b) The rear side.
c) The dark side.
d) The far side.

What two factors keep Earth and the moon in their orbits?
a) Mass and distance
b) Gravity and inertia
c) Gravity and mass
d) Mass and inertia

Day and night are caused by the Earth's?
a) Revolution
b) Axis
c) Rotation
d) Moon

How long is the Earth's rotation?
a) 12 Hours
b) 365 days
c) 24 Hours
d) 7 days

What is the tendency of a moving object to continue moving in a straight line called?
a) Revolution
b) Rotation
c) Gravity
d) Inertia

The force of gravity depends on what two things?
a) mass and weight
b) mass and distance
c) rotation and revolution
d) mass and height

All objects are attracted to each other by the force of?
a) gravity
b) inertia
c) revolution
d) rotation

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