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What is the largest volume of freshwater worldwide that can be readily available for human consumption?
a) Groundwater Deposits
b) Rivers and Streams
c) Freshwater Lakes
d) Ice caps and Glaciers

What is the name of a layer of sediment/rocks that does not allow water to pass through it?
a) An Aquifer
b) Permeable Layer
c) An aquiclude
d) A Non-aqueous Layer

What is the product of carbon dioxide dissolving in water?
a) Carbonic Acid
b) Calcite
c) Acid Rain
d) Hydrogen Ions

What conditions are required for the formation of the spring?
a) Defined areas of aeration, saturation, and an impermeable layer
b) An Aquiclude holding water above defined areas of aeration and saturation
c) An Aquiclude defining a water table, and recharged from above
d) An Aquiclude holding water above the main water table and is recharged from above

Which characteristics do most areas with karst topography share?
a) They are dry areas; limestone bedrock
b) They are humid areas; granite bedrock
c) They are humid areas; limestone bedrock
d) They are dry areas; granite bedrock

What characteristic must porous rocks have for them to be permeable?
a) Their pores must be interconnected
b) They must be above the water table
c) Their pores must be large
d) They must be below the water table

Sinkholes may eventually join to form
a) Aquifer
b) Dripstones
c) Zone of Aeration
d) Wide Valleys

Stalagmites are
a) Wide Valleys
b) Icicle-shaped deposits hanging from the ceiling
c) Icicle-shaped deposits standing upright on the ground
d) A Non-Permeable layer

How do Caves form?
a) When stalactites begin to drip calcite on the ground
b) When groundwater dissolves a large area of limestone to make large passageways and mazes that can stretch for miles
c) When Sinkholes become large enough and begin to interconnect
d) When an Aquifer carries water above the given water table

What is an artesian well?
a) An Aquifer that contains water under high pressure, and recharges quickly
b) A pump that is drilled inside the Aquifer to pump out groundwater
c) Clay that is used to line the bottom of impermeable layers

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