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We show our outstanding value by:
a) Coupon books
b) Everyday Fresh Value Items
c) Penny pincher coupons
d) All of the above

Genuine Customer Care is expected of:
a) Store Directors
b) Everyone
c) Parcellors
d) Cashiers

What\'s the most important thing you can do when you get up in the morning?
a) Choose your socks
b) Choose your attitude
c) Choose your lunch
d) Choose your shoes

How many years has Niemann's been in business?
a) 92
b) 95
c) 91
d) 93

If a customer asks you where an item is, do you?
a) Don\'t bother to get up and just give them directions
b) Walk them to the product
c) Say \
d) Take off to show them and hope they can keep up

What kind of experience do we want our customers to have?
a) a good one
b) a so so one
c) a WOW one
d) a nice one

What pillar focuses on making eye contact and greeting every customer within 10 feet?
a) The 10 feet rule
b) Genuine Customer Care
c) Excellent Product Knowledge
d) Comfortable Atmosphere

What pillar consists of giving customers a great experience but still giving a great price?
a) Comfortable Atmosphere
b) Outstanding Value
c) Excellent Product Knowledge
d) Genuine Customer Care

What pillar consists of associates feeling comfortable at their jobs because they \\\\
a) Outstanding Value
b) Comfortable Atmosphere
c) Excellent Product Knowledge
d) Genuine Customer Care

What pillar consists of nice smells, clean stores and good lighting?
a) Genuine Customer Care
b) Excellent Product Knowledge
c) Outstanding Value
d) Comfortable Atmosphere

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