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When fusion occurs, the mass lost is converted into __________.
a) mass
b) matter
c) liquid
d) energy

Another way to define a nebula
a) young star
b) old star
c) dying star
d) exploding star

Once stars run out of hydrogen and the temperature begins to increase, these stars are said to be __________.
a) a white dwarf
b) a giant
c) a galaxy
d) a supernova

When a star becomes a supernova its brightness __________.
a) increases
b) decreases
c) vanishes
d) doesn't change

Our sun is considered a star of__________ temperature
a) hot
b) cool
c) medium
d) low

The North Star,___________, is positioned almost directly over the North Pole.
a) Betelgeuse
b) Orion
c) Sirius
d) Polaris

The __________ __________of a star is a measure of the amount of light it gives off.
a) absolute magnitude
b) apparent magnitude
c) absolute solitude
d) apparent strength

The __________ __________ is a measure of the amount of light received on earth.
a) absolute magnitude
b) apparent magnitude
c) absolute measure
d) apparent measure

Astronomers use a star's __________ to determine how far it is from Earth.
a) parallel
b) brightness
c) parallax
d) size

By studying a star's spectra, scientists can determine __________ found in the star's atmosphere.
a) clusters
b) dust
c) gases
d) elements

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