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Substances that have fast-moving particles that are far apart, and have no definite volume nor shape are:
a) Liquids
b) Solids
c) Gasses
d) Plasma

The measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles of a substance is the ____.
a) heat
b) temperature
c) thermal energy
d) kinetic energy

When a gas changes into a liquid it is called what?
a) freezing
b) melting
c) boiling
d) condensation

You can easily compress the water in a jar to reduce its volume.
a) True
b) False

Choose the right statement.
a) In solids the molecules are packed the closest together.
b) In liquids the molecules are spread out the most.
c) In gasses the molecules are packed closer together.
d) The molecules in an element are always the same distance apart.

For most substances, which physical state has the highest density?
a) Liquid
b) Solid
c) Gas
d) Water

___________ is the most common form of matter in the universe but the least common on Earth.
a) Liquid
b) Solid
c) Gas
d) Plasma

A balloon left in the refrigerator overnight...
a) would pop.
b) would shrink in size.
c) would freeze solid.
d) would get warmer.

Which of the following is a property of a solid?
a) an object whose particles are vibrating in place
b) an object with a definite shape
c) an object whose particles are held together by forces of attraction
d) all of these are properties of solids

In which state of matter would you find the least amount of molecular motion in a given substance?
a) Liquid
b) Solid
c) Gas
d) Plasma

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