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Drafting is a form of ________________ Communication
a) Ordered
b) Graphic
c) Universal
d) Hard

Drafting is a ________________language
a) Universal
b) unique
c) handwritten

A mechanical drawing is created using?
a) Drafting equipment
b) Free Hand
c) a computer
d) mechanical parts

What direction do we draw vertical lines?
a) Bottom to top
b) top to bottom
c) left to right
d) it doesn't matter

When a screw is counter bored it means what?
a) the screw head sits ontop of the wood.
b) the screw head sits flush withthe wood
c) the screw heads sits below the wood

a circle of 4.5 inches can be drawn with a bow compas set to what?
a) 2.25 inches
b) 4.5 inches
c) 2.5 inches
d) 2 inches

The denisty of a line refers to its?
a) thickness
b) darkness
c) quality
d) width

Other than a compas what tool could be used to draw a small fillet?
a) circle tracer
b) circle template
c) nothing only a compass can create arcs
d) french curve

What pencil lead hardness should you use for object lines?
a) f
b) 2b
c) 4h
d) 2hb

What pencil lead should be used when drawing guidelines?
a) f
b) 2b
c) 4h
d) 6h

Lettering is kept uniform in height by using?
a) projection lines
b) construction lines
c) guidelines
d) lettering lines

The method of creating multiview drawings is called ___________________projection?
a) Orthographic
b) Right Angle
c) Vertical
d) Isometeric

In which direction should the leader line point when indicating diameter?
a) towards the center of the circle (starting from inside the circle)
b) towards the center of the circle (starting from outside of the circle)
c) Away from the center(starting from outside of the circle)
d) Away from the center(starting from inside the circle)

how far should extension lines be from the object line?
a) 1/16-1/8 inch
b) 1/8-1/4 inch
c) 1/4-1/2 inch

An annotation is...
a) A note that applies to an entire drawing
b) A note that applies to a specific part of the drawing

An annotation reading - Fillets 7/8 dia. TYP - means?
a) only one fillet on the drawing is 7/8 in diameter
b) All fillets on the drawing are 7/8 in diameter
c) typically all fillets on any projects are 7/8 in diameter

Which overall dimension is repeated twice in two different views in an orthographic drawing?
a) Width
b) Height
c) Depth
d) Length

how far should centerlines extend past the circle?
a) they shouldn't.
b) approx. 1/8
c) approx. 1/4
d) approx. 1/2

An edge that cannont be seen in a view but you know is there should be drawn using a.....
a) object line
b) dashed line
c) phantom line
d) hidden line

When drawing if all three of these lines fall in the same place, which one would take more importance, -- centerline, hidden line, dimension line
a) center line
b) dimension
c) hidden

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