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What is capitalism?
a) The type of economy when individuals own property
b) The type of economy when property is owned by the government.
c) The type of economy where only important jobs are controlled by the government.
d) They economic system also known as communism.

What is another name for money?
a) Brownbacks
b) Capital
c) Nickleback
d) Troies

What do we call the economic system in which individuals and businesses are allowed to compete for profit with a minimum of government interference
a) Interchangable Parts
b) Communism
c) Socialism
d) Free Enterprise

What do we call the system invented by Eli Whitney to manufacture all pieces of a prodeuct the same?
a) Cotton Gin
b) Capital
c) Interchangable parts
d) Patent

What invention allowed the seeds of cotton to be seperated much faster than ever before?
a) Cotton Gin
b) Cotton Seeder
c) Cotton Deseeder
d) Cotton picker.

What is given to inventors to protect them from other people stealing and using their ideas?
a) Patent
b) Capital
c) Capitalism
d) Testament

What do we call the types of roads where tolls are collected?
a) Highway
b) Freeway
c) Avenue
d) Turnpike

What do we call the ditches filled with water that allow goods and people to travel?
a) Canals
b) Turnpikes
c) Freeways
d) Creeks

What is the Monroe Doctrine?
a) A warning to Mexico to stay away from the U.S.
b) A warning to China to bring down prices of goods.
c) A warning to Europe to stay out of the affairs of the western hemisphere.
d) A warning to England to leave the forts of North America.

What do we call the agreement to allow Missouri into the nation as a slave state?
a) Monroe Docrtine
b) Compromise of 1850
c) The Great Compromise
d) The Missouri Compromise

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