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If you heat an iron bar, it will get longer because...
a) the moleucles melt and spread out.
b) the molecules begin to move faster and spread out.
c) it will get lighter because it has more air between the molecules.
d) the molecules start to slide past each other.

Matter is made up of motionless particles.
a) True
b) False

When a thermometer is heated, the red liquid inside the thermometer moves up. This is mainly because...
a) the red liquid is thin.
b) the molecules of the liquid move faster and get a little further apart.
c) hot liquid is lighter.
d) the glass of the thermometer is hot.

When heat energy is removed from a substance...
a) the molecules of that substance become more active and move further apart.
b) the molecules of a substance stop moving.
c) a phase change occurs.
d) the molecules slow down and move closer together.

Gases can be compressed because...
a) molecules of a gas are spread out and can be squeezed together
b) molecules of gas can be compressed
c) gases do not contain molecules
d) gases are not made of matter

Why does temperature remain constant during a phase transition?
a) because no energy is exchanged in the process
b) because frozen substances always keep their surroundings cold
c) because the energy gained or lost is all used by molecules transitioning from one phase to another
d) because Albert Einstein predicted it

Food coloring spreads out faster in hot water than in cold water. This is mainly because...
a) the water molecules in hot water move more quickly
b) the molecules in hot water are larger
c) the food coloring molecules are small
d) hot water is less dense

a) have a defined shape and volume
b) have a defined shape but undefined volume
c) have an undefined shape but defined volume
d) have both undefined shape and volume

The solid state of matter is unique because all molecular motion stops.
a) True
b) False

The temperature at which a liquid becomes a gas is the ____ point.
a) freezing
b) melting
c) boiling
d) condensation

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