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a) right
b) ghdshb
c) sh
d) gvbasd

red herring
a) right
b) gsdfbz
c) sd
d) sdd

a) right
b) bsdzf
c) cbvgz
d) gfdjtr

Of the following choices, which would be the BEST site to reserach Abraham Lincoln?
a) American National Biography (
b) Yahoo! (
c) Wikipedia (
d) Google (

Which of these is usually NOT considered a primary source?
a) A diary entry
b) A biography
c) A birth certificate
d) A Facebook page

Which of the following is NOT a tadtional citation style?
a) MLA
b) New York
c) Chicago
d) APA

Regarding electronic resources, the acronym AUP stands for:
a) Actual User Procedure
b) American University of Paris
c) Acceptable Use Policy
d) American United Patriots

a) right
b) fdhbsdf
c) dfhhbsz
d) dfhss

a) right
b) agsdg
c) agsdcg
d) yhreah

a) right
b) dshfbzd
c) hdzf
d) shzdf

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