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What is produced when a coiled wire is spun around a magnet?
a) medical energy
b) biotanical energy
c) magical energy
d) electrical energy

Who shared the fact that changing magnetic field created an electric current in a wire?
a) Joseph Henry
b) William Gilbert
c) Michael Faraday
d) Hans Christian Oersted

What will more turns in the metal coil mean in an electromagnet?
a) The magnet will eventually not work.
b) The magnet will turn around.
c) The magnet will weaken.
d) The strength of the magnet will be increased.

Why does a compass needle point in a north-south direction?
a) It has no other way to point.
b) It doesn't, it has an electrical component.
c) The needle reacts to Earth’s magnetic poles
d) The person points it that way.

A material that conducts electric current poorly is called__________.
a) a bad object
b) a balloon
c) skin
d) an insulator

In a series circuit what would happen if one light bulb went out?
a) the others would stay on
b) the others bulbs would go out
c) an electric flash
d) every other one would go on

Where is a magnetic field the strongest?
a) in the middle
b) at both poles
c) it's equal at all sides
d) in the area away from the magnet

What are good conductors of electricity?
a) wood and plastic
b) material and thread
c) aluminum, silver and copper
d) marble and water

A positively charged object repels___________.
a) a negatively charged object
b) a positively charged object
c) no charged object
d) both a positively and a negatively charged object

What causes static electricity?
a) when positive and negative charges no longer balance
b) when positive and negative charges balance
c) two positive charges
d) two negative charges

What type of particles will gather near the bottom a cloud (if there is positive energy on land) before energy is released as lightning?
a) positive particles
b) negative particles
c) hard particles
d) balanced particles

A charge in motion is called a(n)_________.
a) non-particles
b) fluent particles
c) waves
d) electric current

The pushing or pulling force that exists when a magnetic material is near.
a) electrons
b) magnetism
c) positive energy
d) neutrons

What can handle appliances that use different amounts of electric current
a) parallel circuit
b) series circuit
c) neutral circuit
d) lit circuit

The quality of what opposes the flow of electric current through a material.
a) attraction
b) open circuit
c) closed circuit
d) resistance

One advantage of a(n) electromagnet has over a natural magnet is that…*
a) Its magnetic field can be turned off.
b) It is that it is made by humans.
c) It slows down randomly.
d) It sparks electricity.

Two natural ways that can power generators are________.
a) wind and moving water
b) bicycles and tredmills
c) on and off switch
d) mind power

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