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Divide 2345 by 10
a) 234
b) 234R5
c) 235
d) 236

Divide 6694 by 80
a) 83R54
b) 83
c) 84R83
d) 84

Divide 5026 by 25
a) 200
b) 201
c) 201R1
d) 201R2

Divide 4823 by 36
a) 134R8
b) 133R35
c) 133R9
d) 133R45

Divide 39,788 by 812
a) 49R243
b) 49R5
c) 48
d) 49

Divide 15,840 by 132
a) 100
b) 110
c) 120
d) 130

Divide 242 by 34
a) 7R3
b) 7R4
c) 7
d) 7R5

Divide 413 by 57
a) 7R14
b) 7
c) 8R14
d) 8

Divide 1266 by 20
a) 63R5
b) 63
c) 66R6
d) 63R6

Divide 8888 by 90
a) 99
b) 98R68
c) 98
d) 89R68

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