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In 1071, Muslim Turks defeated the _____.
a) Byzantines
b) Russians
c) French
d) English

The Turks captured the holy city of _____.
a) Jerusalem
b) London
c) New York
d) Moscow

Europe started a holy war against the Muslim Turks called the _____.
a) the Black Death
b) the Black War
c) World War II
d) the Crusades

After 200 years of fighting the Crusades, the _____ won.
a) English
b) Byzantines
c) Muslims
d) French

The Crusades changed Europe by ending _____.
a) feudalism
b) the Black Death
c) hunger
d) the war

The Crusades increased _____ between Europe and the Middle East.
a) friendship
b) business
c) the size of the country
d) anger

People in Western Europe became very _____.
a) fat
b) poor
c) sick
d) religious

The Europeans built many _____ and monasteries.
a) castles
b) churches
c) schools
d) resteraunts

Catholic church leaders wanted all Europeans to ____.
a) accept the teachings of the church
b) move to another country
c) stay healthy
d) fight

During the Middle Ages, _____ were hated by many people in Europe.
a) Turks
b) Muslims
c) Jews
d) Catholic Christians

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