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What would the complementary stand of DNA be for the following sequence of bases? CTAGTGCTATCCA

Genes are made of subunits known as ______________________.
a) ribosomes
b) nucleotides
c) nucleic acids
d) mutagen

Which of the follwoing is NOT a step in making a protein?
a) Copies of DNA are taken to the cytoplasm
b) Transfer molecules deliver amino acids to the nucleus
c) Amino acids are joined together at the ribosome to make a protein
d) A copy of the DNA is fed through the ribosome

Watson and Crick
a) studied the amounts of each base in DNA
b) took X-ray pictures of DNA
c) made models to determine DNA structure.
d) discovered that genes were located on chromosomes

In incomplete dominance
a) a single gene controls many traits
b) genes for a trait are all recessive
c) each allele for a trait has its own degree of influence
d) the environment controls the genes

a) is made up of three subunits
b) has a structure like a twisted ladder
c) cannot be repaired if it is mutated
d) All of the above

A gene is
a) a set of instructions for each trait
b) instructions on how to make a protein
c) a portion of a strand of DNA
d) All of the above

A physical or chemical agent that causes damage to DNA is a __________________.
a) mutation
b) pedigree
c) altertation
d) mutagen

In a DNA molecule, which of the following bases pair together?
a) adenine and cytosine
b) thymine and adenine
c) thymine and guanine
d) cytosine and thymine

A change in the order of bases in DNA is called a _________________.
a) mutagen
b) incompletion
c) mutation
d) adaptation

A strand of DNA is a long string of _____________________.
a) amino acids
b) nucleotides
c) lipids
d) fats

A disorder is known as ______________ if the child must receive an allele for the disease from each parent in order to have the disease.
a) dominant
b) incomplete dominant
c) recessive
d) nucleic

A protein is a long string of ________________.
a) nucleotides
b) amino acids
c) carbohydrates
d) lipids

Nucleotides are made of
a) a sugar, a phospate, and a base
b) a sugar, a fluortie, and a base
c) adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine
d) all of the above

The DNA code is translated into proteins in the _____________.
a) nucleus
b) golgi apparatus
c) ribosome
d) nucleic acid

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