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When using a microscope, what do you adjust if the picture is too dark?
a) fine adjustment knob
b) coarse adjustment knob
c) diaphragm
d) eyepiece

What is the total power of a microscope with an eye piece of 10X and an objective lens of 40X?
a) 4000
b) 400
c) 40
d) 4

If the image is too blurry and you want to make small changes, you should adjust the _____.
a) coarse adjustment knob
b) fine adjustment knob
c) diaphragm
d) lightsource

When carrying the microscope, you should use the base and the _________.
a) stage
b) diaghragm
c) eyepiece
d) arm

Which of the following accurately describes paramecia?
a) Green, single-cell organism found in fresh water
b) Single-cell organism with the ability to change shapes when moving
c) Single-cell, slipper-shaped organism covered with cilia
d) Clear single cell with flagellum attached for movement things.

Which single-cell organism can make its own food through photosynthesis?
a) bacteria
b) euglena
c) amoeba
d) paramecium

What structure in an amoeba allows for movement and food capture?
a) cilia
b) pseudopod
c) flagella
d) food passageway

What characteristic makes the protists different from bacteria?
a) the presence of a nucleus
b) the ability to move
c) the presence of a vacuole
d) the ability to divide

Name of a rod shaped bacteria.
a) cocci
b) fungi
c) bacilli
d) spirilla

Name of bacteria that has a round shape.
a) cocci
b) fungi
c) bacilli
d) spirilla

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