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What best describes a chemical property?
a) The ability for a chemical to grow and take life
b) The ability of a property to become a chemical
c) The characteristics of a pure substnace that describes the ability to change into a different substance.
d) changes that occure in the life cycle of a plant

The three states of matter are what?
a) Wind, Fire, Water
b) Solid, Liquid, Gas
c) Smell, Sight, Hearing
d) non of the above

Examples of physical properties might be what?
a) one chemical turning into another
b) Size, shape, smell, color
c) matter, mass, volume
d) wood turning to ash after it burns

How would one best measure freezing and boiling points?
a) Your finger
b) A thermometer
c) A tempragage
d) A freezer and stove

Everything is made up of?
a) Energy
b) Life
c) Bones
d) Matter

The mass of an object is determined by?
a) The weight of an object
b) How much an object changes when it burned
c) How much matter is in an object
d) The volume of an object

The volume of matter is determined by?
a) The size of the room that matter is in
b) How much space the matter occupies
c) How loud you listen to your radio
d) What is the matter with this question

Water molecules move _____________ when they are heated up
a) Slower
b) Faster
c) Stay the same
d) Stop

Water molecules ___________ when water is frozen
a) make sounds
b) Stop
c) speed up
d) become liquid

When a substance changes into a new substance what has occurred?
a) Changing states of matter
b) physical change
c) Life change
d) Chemical Change

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