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Which of the following is not a stage of cellular respiration?
a) Calvin Cycle
b) Hydrogen transport chain
c) Glycolysis
d) Krebs Cycle

What is the relationship between photosynthesis and respiration?
a) the products of photosynthesis are the reactants of cellular respiration
b) they are the same
c) both processes involve sunlight
d) there is no relationship

Which of the following best describes the process of photosynthesis?
a) a series of reactions that converts artificial energy into natural energy
b) a series of reactions that converts potential energy into kinetic energy
c) a series of reactions that converts light energy into chemical energy
d) a series of reactions that converts chemical energy into light energy

During aerobic respiration, cells produce 38 molecules of ATP per breakdown of one molecule of
a) carbon
b) glucose
c) amino acid
d) lactic acid

Which one is not true about the cell membrane?
a) structure called the phospholipid bi-layer
b) protects the cell by controlling what moves in and out
c) helps maintain homeostasis
d) contains the DNA

The 3 main components of a eukaryotic cell are
a) cell wall, cytoplasm, mitochondria
b) cell membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus that contains DNA
c) chlorplasts, cell wall, cell plate
d) ribosomes, cytoplasm, cell membrane

Which one of the following organelles is found in both plant and animal cells?
a) cell wall
b) chloroplast
c) ribosome
d) large central vacuole

a) is the structure called the phospholipid bi-layer
b) protects the cell by controlling what moves in and out.
c) helps maintain homeostasis
d) contains the DNA

When a cell engulfs(takes in) materials that are too large to diffuse in through the membrane.
a) endocytosis
b) exocytosis
c) osmosis
d) passive transport

Movement of materials across a cell membrane without using energy.
a) plasmolysis
b) cytolysis
c) active transport
d) passive transport

The diffusion of water molecules is called
a) diffusion
b) active transport
c) osmosis
d) protein transport

When concentrations on both sides of a cell membrane are the same.
a) hypertonic
b) hypotonic
c) equilibrium
d) permeable

A balanced or steady state that a cell tries to maintain for stability.
a) homeostasis
b) permeability
c) diffusion
d) concentration

ATP(adenosine triphosphate) is composed of adenine, ribose(a 5-carbon sugar) and :
a) one phosphate group
b) two phosphate groups
c) three phosphate groups
d) four phosphate groups

Which of the following microscope parts should NEVER be used with the high power objective?
a) ocular
b) coarse adjustment
c) fine adjustment
d) diaphragm

The maximum size to which a cell can grow is limited mainly by the cell's
a) shape
b) surface area
c) function
d) internal organization

If a microscope has a 10X eyepiece and a 50X objective lens, what is the total magnification of a slide placed on the stage?
a) 5X
b) 50X
c) 500X
d) 5,000X

Which type of microscope uses a beam of light passing through one or more lenses, thereby producing an enlarged image of the object or specimen being viewed?
a) computer microscope
b) scanning electron microscope
c) light microscope
d) transmission electron microscope

Which one is not a part of the 'Cell Theory'?
a) all organisms are composed of cells
b) cells are the basic units of structure and function in an organism
c) all cells come only from other living cells
d) cell size is limited by function

Which one completely lists the products of photosynthesis?
a) water, oxygen, sunlight
b) carbon dioxide, sunlight energy, water
c) glucose and oxygen
d) ATP, acetic acid, pyruvic acid

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