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What political party were the Bourbons a part of?
a) Populist
b) Democratic
d) Republican

What values did the Bourbons have?
a) modern
b) traditional
c) mixed between modern and traditional
d) they didn't have a specific value

What position did they all have in Georgia?
a) Mayors
b) Journalists
c) Farmers
d) Governors

Who challenged the Bourbons?
a) The Burns
b) The Populist Party
c) The Watsons
d) The Feltons

Which of these did the Bourbons not want?
a) Less agriculture, more industy
b) Southern traditions
c) Women's Rights
d) White supremacy

Who are the members of the Bourbons?
a) Joseph E. Brown, Alfred H. Colquitt, and John B. Gordon
b) Rebecca Felton, Henry Grady, and William Felton
c) William Felton, John E. Brown, John Pemberton
d) Alfred Colquitt, Rebecca Felton and Homer Plessy

How many members are apart of this group?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

What was the goal of the Bourbon Triumvirate?
a) Modern views and values.
b) Turn control of government back to the Republicans?
c) Give blacks equal facilities.
d) Fix the faltering economy.

Which 2 of the 3 owned a large company that had prisoners leased?
a) Alfred and Joseph
b) Alfred and John
c) Joseph and John
d) none of them did

The Feltons strongly disagreed with this concept, but the Bourbons supported it, what was it?
a) convict lease system
b) women's rights
c) Temperance Movement
d) county unit system

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