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What is the function of the reproductive system?
a) To create new organisms
b) To exchange gas in the air with gas from your lungs
c) To ensure stability and movement
d) To break down nutrients in your food

What is the function of the penis?
a) To aim sperm into the vagina
b) To create sperm
c) To produce sperm
d) To transport sperm from the testes through the vas deferens

The tunnel that a baby goes through to reach the outside world is called the ______________
a) vagina
b) ovaries
c) ovum
d) fallopian tubes

How long does it take for a fetus to develop into a baby ready to be born?
a) nine months
b) six weeks
c) 28 days
d) 2 years

Why are the testes and ovaries similar?
a) They both produce sex cells
b) They both transport sex cells
c) They both deliver babies
d) They both create sperm

Why are the fallopian tubes and vas deferens similar?
a) They're both tubes that transport sex cells
b) They both produce sex cells
c) They both make babies
d) They both deliver the baby

The process where a sperm attaches to an ovum is called ___________________
a) fertilization
b) gestation
c) pregnancy
d) ovulation

The female reproductive cell is called a/an ____________________________
a) ovum
b) vagina
c) sperm
d) testes

How many sperm cells do males produce each day?
a) 250 million
b) 5 million
c) 1
d) 28

What is NOT a change that happens during puberty?
a) ovaries are made
b) voice deepens
c) Hair grows
d) People get taller

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