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What does NOT create deep ocean currents?
a) Differences in wind
b) Differences in density
c) Differences in temperature
d) Differences in salinity

What is salinity?
a) The percentage of salt in ocean water
b) The density of cold water compared to warm water
c) How heavy salt is
d) Earth's wind moving in circles

Currents that move in circles are called ________________________
a) gyres
b) currents
c) salinity
d) Coriolis effect

How do currents travel in the northern hemisphere?
a) Clockwise
b) Counterclockwise
c) In circles
d) In a straight line

Why can't wind travel straight across Earth?
a) The Earth's rotation is forcing the wind to curve
b) The differences in salinity is forced wind to curve
c) Currents are making wind move in circles
d) Different densities create curves

Cold water is ________________________ warm water
a) more dense than
b) less dense than
c) the same density as
d) will immediately mix with

Water with low salinity is ________________________ water with high salinity
a) less dense than
b) more dense than
c) the same density as
d) saltier than

When water hits a landmass, what happens?
a) It bounces off and changes directions
b) It will sink into the ocean
c) IT will curve clockwise
d) It will curve counterclockwise

A continuous flow of moving water is called a _____________________
a) current
b) gyre
c) land mass
d) Coriolis effect

The effect where wind and water curves because of Earth's rotation is called the __________
a) Coriolis effect
b) Gyres
c) Mendelon principle
d) Rhimotic effect

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