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a) something good about to happen
b) a type of bandaid
c) go around the corner
d) a viewing point

a) to frighten someone
b) make someone angry
c) to surprise someone
d) throw someone a party

a) to deny or say no
b) to verify or approve
c) to press really hard
d) to go on vacation

a) an echo
b) right above you
c) real close
d) far off in time

a) a type of fish
b) to locate something
c) the creator of something, inventor
d) to hide something

a) a small settlement, town
b) a piece of meat
c) a baby pig
d) a piece of jewelry

a) to lift up
b) to clear up
c) to cover up
d) the person who entertains guests

a) gave something by mistake
b) uneasiness about something, unsure
c) the day after Thanksgiving
d) to take something back

a) to burn
b) a type of marching band
c) to stand tall
d) to make dry, hot and thirsty

a) to look at closely
b) possibility, looks good for the future
c) to work hard
d) a type of drawing

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