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Which country is the biggest country in the world?
a) Canada
b) United States
c) Russia

What is the major source of power in Russia?
a) hydroelectric power
b) solar power
c) wind power

What is the Duma?
a) a congress started by CZar Nicholas the 2nd
b) a president
c) a dictator, who uses military force to control a country

What are steppes?
a) plains and grasslands with good soil for farming
b) permanently frozen grouond
c) a region of trees

What is the tundra?
a) a permanently frozen region
b) a treeless plain with grass and moss
c) a forest region with trees

What is a taiga
a) a region with farmland
b) a region with permanently frozen ground
c) a forest region

What is Siberia?
a) a cold, harsh area of Russia with very few people
b) a hot, tropical area in Russia
c) a beach in Russia

What is a plateau?
a) a mountain
b) a large area of high, flat land
c) an area of lowland

What was the Great Purge
a) when Stalin and Hitler signed a peace agreement
b) when Stalin became dictator
c) when Stalin sent millions of people to Siberia to freeze and die

What was the iron curtain?
a) when Stalin cut his people off from the west
b) when Hitler attacked Stalin
c) when Stalin became president

On what 2 continents is Russia located?
a) Europe and Asia
b) Asia and Africa
c) Europe and Africa

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