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Which of the following are reasons why it is so important to submit a claim complete and on time?
a) To ensure the claim is not rejected
b) Unclean claims require extra staff time costing more labor fees
c) Payments of an unclean claim may be delayed
d) All of the above

If claims were not created and transmitted, it is likely that the practice would not receive payment from the insurance plan.
a) True
b) False

How would you create claims for a specific insurance company?
a) Create claim, enter policy number, create
b) Create claims, enter insurance company code, create
c) Create claims, enter insurance carrier code, create

Where is information about electronic claim attachments entered?
a) Claim Management Dialog Box
b) The EDI area
c) The X12 area of the claim status dialog box

The List Only feature is used for:
a) Filtering results in the claim management dialog box
b) Filtering results in the procedures and diagnosis dialog box
c) Filtering clean claims by using navigator buttons

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act's standard format for electronic transmission of a claim submitted to a health plan is called:
a) HIPAA X12 873
b) HIPAA X12 837
c) HIPAA X12 843

If an error is found on a claim, how is it corrected?
a) Select claim, make changes, save, create
b) Click edit, make changes, change status, save
c) Select claim, click edit, make changes, save

Navigator buttons are:
a) Buttons that data must meet to be included in the selection.
b) Buttons that filter clean claims for insurance carriers.
c) Buttons that simplify the task of moving from one entry to another.

Which of the following is a claim that contains all of the correct information required for processing?
a) Navigator Claim
b) Clean Claim
c) Filtered Claim

Which of the following is a condition that data must meet to be included in the selection process?
a) Filter
b) Clean Claim
c) Navigator Buttons

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