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Appendicular is pertaining to the
a) limbs
b) torso
c) thorax
d) appendix

the branch of science that deals with the functions of the body is
a) physiology
b) psychology
c) physiognomy
d) physics

enzymes act as __________ to increase chemical reaction rates
a) catalysts
b) cataracts
c) converters
d) reactors

Haldane said that comparative anatomy was the study of the struggle to increase in proportion to
a) area, volume
b) volume, area
c) pleasure, pain
d) pressure, resistance

Enzymes are always required for a reaction to occur
a) a vicious lie!
b) the noble truth!
c) probably somewhere in between
d) this is a grey box: if you click on it, it shall become a red box, and an adjacent box will turn green. dubious? try it!

cells rely on a process called ________to move oxygen and carbon dioxide into and out of themselves
a) diffusion
b) perfusion
c) suffusion
d) transcendence

cellular respiration is a(n)__________ process
a) anabolic
b) catabolic
c) diabolic
d) confusing

Which of the following is the correct sequence of events for the overall process of cellular respiration, anaerobic and aerobic?
a) Glycolysis → Electron transport chain → Krebs cycle
b) Electron transport chain → glycolysis → Krebs cycle
c) Boring video → song →song → song → madness
d) Glycolysis → Krebs cycle → Electron transport chain

Glycolysis, which is process ubiquitous to all living things, including prokaryotes, absolutely requires Oxygen.
a) A fount of veracity
b) A river of lies
c) it depends
d) i don't care

The total net yield of ATP from 1 molecule of glucose going through just glycolysis is
a) 2
b) 4
c) 34
d) 200

In the absence of oxygen, pyruvate is converted to ethanol or lactic acid through ________
a) fermentation
b) magic
c) oxidative phosphorylation
d) electron transport chain

The processes of aerobic respiration include just the TCA cycle and
a) electron transport chain
b) fermentation
c) dying of boredom
d) glycolysis

All of the carbon atoms entering the Kreb’s cycle ultimately leave as _________
a) carbon dioxide
b) jilted lovers
c) satisfied customers
d) water

High Energy Electrons are taken to the Electron Transport chain by the electron carriers
a) NADH and FAD
b) taxi and uber
c) glucose and sucrose
d) ATP and ADP

The total ATP yield of one molecule of Glucose going through All of Aerobic Respiration is about
a) 2
b) 6
c) 36
d) 300

If there is not enough oxygen, muscle cells make ATP through glycolysis, turning pyruvate into ______ _____ in order to regenerate NAD+
a) lactic acid
b) bile salts
c) unknown substance
d) kreb's cycle

Enzymes catalyze very specific reactions, and act on a narrow range of target reactant(s) called________
a) substrates
b) products
c) complexes
d) bob

Cells are made of specific chemicals, and organs are made of specific tissues: so tissues are made of specific
a) cells
b) gravity
c) organelles
d) organs

Which list best illustrates the idea of increasing levels of organization
a) Tissues, cells, organs, organelles, systems
b) Organelles, cells, tissues, organs, systems
c) Organs, organelles, systems, cells, tissues
d) Cells, tissues, organelles, organs, systems

the word Anatomy literally means
a) to cut up
b) without birth
c) to bathe excessively
d) wow, words down here

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