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in animal cells _______ move to opposite sides of the cell during cell division to assemble the spindle fibers
a) centrioles
b) shuttelians
c) ribosomes
d) cell membranes

cell division in prokaryotes is called
a) binary fission
b) mitotic division
c) cytogenetic reproduction
d) bob

cell theory tells us that all cells come fom
a) other cells
b) inorganic material
c) eggs
d) gametes

enzymes catalyze reactions by lowering the
a) activation energy
b) standard of living
c) cover charge
d) molecular model construction time

one of the main functions of proteins is to act as __________ which catalyze reactions
a) enzymes
b) reactants
c) products
d) cofactors

the polysaccharide cellulose is used for
a) structure in plants
b) energy storage in animals
c) photosynthesis in bacteria
d) storage of genetic information

examples of macromolecules made from polymers of glucose include
a) starch, glycogen, and cellulose
b) amino acids, fatty acids, and nucleic acids
c) proteins, lipids, and DNA
d) trigycerides, amylopectin, perioxidase

long chains of repeating molecular subunits, like links in a chain, are called
a) polymers
b) monomers
c) polydatctylates
d) very infrequently

the latin root mono means
a) one
b) many
c) few
d) none

glucose is an example of a
a) monosaccharide
b) polysaccharide
c) protein
d) amino acid

the simple 6 carbon sugar produced in photosynthesis, and used in cellular respiration is
a) glucose
b) lactic acid
c) protein
d) lipids

every time chemical bonds are formed or broken
a) energy is absorbed or released
b) gas is absorbed or released
c) plasma is absorbed or released
d) fluid is absorbed or released

chemical reactions involve making and breaking
a) bonds
b) promises
c) cells
d) atoms

the electrons of an atom
a) orbit the nucleus at various levels
b) are found in the nucleus
c) have positive charge
d) are attracted to positively charged neutrons

based on its greek origins, the word 'atom' literally means
a) cannot cut
b) cannot see
c) cannot hear
d) cannot touch

Biology is
a) the study of life
b) really difficult to understand
c) the study of organisms only
d) the study of cells

an example of a scientific law is the law of
a) gravity
b) nature
c) evolution
d) murphy

science can answer all questions
a) utterly false
b) totally true
c) if it is done properly
d) unless they are unasked

the nuclear envelope dissolves during the longest phase of MITOSIS, known as
a) prophase
b) telophase
c) anaphase
d) metaphase

in plants, the cell plate forms because
a) the rigid cell wall cannot be pulled together
b) the membrane in plants is rigid
c) plant cells are weird and green
d) the cell fork, knife, spoon, and cup are ready

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