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_______are the basic units of structure and function within the human body.
a) Cells
b) Genes
c) Chromosomes
d) Atoms

This tissue carries impulses back and forth to the brain from the body.
a) Muscle
b) Nerve
c) Epithelial
d) Organ

_______ tissue connects all parts of the body and provide support.
a) Connective
b) Epithelial
c) Muscle
d) Smooth

Which tissue covers the surface of the body, inside and out?
a) Connective
b) Cardiac
c) Epithelial
d) Smooth

_______ tissue contracts and shortens, making body parts move.
a) Muscular
b) Connective
c) Cardiac
d) Epithelial

Your heart and lungs are examples of what?
a) Cells
b) Genes
c) Organs
d) Muscles

A(n) ____________ is a group of two or more organs that work together to perform a specific function for the body
a) Cell
b) Tissue
c) Organ system
d) Organism

______ are living things made of several different organ systems working together to keep it alive
a) Cells
b) Tissue
c) Organs
d) Organism

The ______ is the main organ of the circulatory system
a) Lungs
b) Stomach
c) Esophagus
d) Heart

A group of specialized cells that work together to perform the same function.
a) Tissue
b) Cells
c) Organism
d) System

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